Marc Rivers  

“A moving mixture of conceptual intelligence and emotional resonance…”

“Marc Rivers produces work with a quiet, meditative simplicity. Using digital projected media, music and often a textual element, he aims to give the viewer a transcendent experience when encountering the work. His work attempts to achieve an ‘imperviousness to time’ with the use of the most transitory of forms: Camera Obscura, video projection, light and shade, and yet the viewer is left with a sense of things being not quite as they seem. Enigmatic and thought provoking, Marc Rivers’ work is both beautifully crafted with great attention to detail and provides us, as the audience, with that rare pleasure, artwork that takes us into another place and another time”. Ray Lee

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Reflections Soundscape


Studio visits by appointment

Call (503) 568 9081 to arrange to see Marc's artwork at his new studio at Suite 217 6635 N Baltimore Ave, Portland, OR 97203
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Open Studio Invitation

Showcase: A chance to see and hear Marc's enchanting moving image and sound artwork Reflections, in his studio as part of CPP 'Open Studios' and 'Octoberfest' celebration. Details here

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